Neurotrauma 2021

Come join Neurotrauama 2021 in Austin Texas on July 10-14, 2021

We invite you to join Neurotrauma 2021 to be held in Austin, TX, July 10-15, 2021.

The National Neurotrauma Society is committed to the promotion of neurotrauma research by enhancing communications, providing a forum, and increasing support on the national and international level.

The central nervous system is unquestionably the most important organ of our body, and injury to the brain or spinal cord has devastating consequences. Research is beginning to unravel the complexities of the injured CNS and is opening new doors for scientists, clinicians, and patients.

The National Neurotrauma Society seeks to accelerate research that will provide answers for clinicians and ultimately improve the treatments available to patients. The National Neurotrauma Society will continue to promote excellence in the field by providing opportunities for scientists, establishing standards in both basic and clinical research, encouraging and supporting research, and promoting liaisons with other organizations that influence the care and cure of neurotrauma victims.

We will have a full schedule of events slated for this meeting. For more information visit: